Give Veterans New Purpose. Help Inspire the Youth in our Communities. image

Give Veterans New Purpose. Help Inspire the Youth in our Communities.

Become a Monthly Legacy Donor to Scholarship the Education, Training, Mentoring, and Job Placement of Soldier Coaches in Their Community.

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Over 940+ Soldier Coaches trained, over 47,000 youth athletes impacted

"Soldiers to sidelines isn't just about becoming a coach. It provides you the tools to become a more effective leader and communicator."

- 1SG US Army Max Weinstock

"I really enjoyed it and the coaches were very informative. I love the fact that we are a Tribe, since I left the Marines I have found it very difficult to find where I belong. Football has helped and being part of a group of veterans with like interests and have gone through similar situations is going to help as well."

- Veteran US Marine Corps Brian Moody

"The past few months have been quite challenging in an unfamiliar way and your program stimulated a harsh re-assessment of what my current identity is, versus what it was, and what I want it to become. Since I left the Special Operations community and as I sought to reinvent myself in preparation for my transition from the military, all of these items were degraded in some way or disappeared altogether: my sense of purpose, feeling of belonging, self-worth and relevancy, and exposure to an environment of extreme accountability. The STS program afforded me an opportunity for deliberate introspection—to ‘unpack’ some of the experiences and feelings I’ve been carrying around for some time now. STS provided a safe and distraction-less forum to ask, share, reflect, and explore. Men are rarely expected to be vulnerable; STS encouraged it. Although I have yet to refine my career plans for life after my military transition date, the STS call to “develop young people into people of character through sport” has provided me a vision, mission, and sense of purpose that will unquestionably help other aspects of my future come together."

- Captain (Ret.) US Army Matt Hurley

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